We hope you are doing well and keeping safe.

This is to notify you that we will be reviewing the prices of our products with effective from February 15th, 2021.


This is a change we have really tried to avoid for over a year now. And basically two factors are contributing to this:


1.  The impact of the exchange rate on the Nigerian Naira, with the exchange rate of the Naira growing from N360/$1 to about N478/$1 within a year.  Our partners/vendors we work with to provide many of the services we offer to our clients are not within Nigeria, which means that we pay for those service in (USD) dollars. Due to the increase in the dollar exchange rate, our running costs have increased by 38%.

2. Increase in cPanel Licence Price - In October 2020, cPanel announced again that there will be updated pricing across their licences.  This is the second increase in price coming from cPanel within 1 year


We understand this is the worst time to increase price due to the pandemic and challenges business are facing. This is why we have borne the cost of this price increase for almost 12 months. However, it is becoming clear that we cannot sustainably continue to bear the increased cost without it having an impact on the service we render to you. This was actually the reason why we discontinue the FREE Backups we offer on all hosting plans a month ago.


Due to these two factors, we will be reviewing the prices of Domains (.ng NOT INCLUDED), Shared Hosting packages, Reseller Hosting Plans, Ecommerce Hosting Plans, Cloud Hosting and SSL Certificates with effective from 15th of February, 2021


PS:  We would suggest that you make payments for the renewal of any of your products and services before this day to enjoy the current price.

We are also assuring you that the price increase will be reasonable and we will make it as bearable as possible.

PSS: Our Free backups Service on all hosting Plans will be restored back as soon as the price review is done.

Thank you for being a RillaHost customer, we will also continue to provide you with the best service possible.

If you have question or enquiries about this, please feel free to reachout to us through support ticket, calls or WhatsApp: +2348123730650

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

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