How to Point Your Domain Name to Your Hosting

How to Point your domain name to hosting

Pointing your domain name to a corresponding hosting account on our server requires simple steps which basically involves updating your domain nameservers.

This connotes that you can also point or connect your domain name registered elsewhere to your hosting account on Rillahost server. This guide is as well, useful to those who purchased only a domain name earlier on, and now want to attach it to their hosting service, both on Rillahost.

For domain names not registered with Rillahost, kindly refer to the hosting account setup mail you got when the service was newly configured and you will find the nameservers to use on your domain name end. You can also contact our support team to provide you with the nameservers for your hosting account.

If your domain name is registered with Rillahost then, follow the steps below to update the nameservers so that the domain name can point or connect to the corresponding hosting account:

  1. Login to your client account on Rillahost
  2. Click “Domains” from the top menu bar then “My Domains” from its sub-menu
  3. From the list of domains, click the “drop-down arrow” on the row of the domain name you intend to point.
  4. You can now click “Manage Nameservers” from the drop-down menu:

  1. Once the Nameserver page is opened, feel free to enable “Use custom nameservers” by clicking its option button
  1. You can now replace the nameservers with the ones you got when the hosting account was created (These can be found in the welcome mail (New Account Information) sent to you for the hosting service)
  2. Please note that Nameservers require 3 – 24 hours for its change to fully propagate. Hence, you will have to allow some hours for the changes to take full effect and that’s all.

Don’t forget to click the “Change Nameservers” button:

For further assistance, kindly contact our support team and we will be glad to help.

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