How to Migrate Your Hosting to RillaHost

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Although our support team are always ready to help you handle hosting migrations, it is important that you note the following tips to avoid downtime and fractional migration of account resources.

Get a hosting plan that match

The first thing to do is getting a hosting plan on our server that is greater than or equal to the current plan you have for the hosting. This means that the storage space, subdomain, database counts and other resources should be enough to accommodate your hosting files and setups.

Start on time

Don’t wait until the night of your hosting service expiration before making a request for hosting transfer or migration. While this is possible, it is too risky and you may not be so lucky. We recommend you make your hosting migration request few weeks before expiration

Transfer Hosting before Domain Name

If you intend to transfer both hosting and domain name, we recommend that you have us migrate the hosting service first, then update the domain nameservers before initiating the domain name transfer.

This is because the domain nameservers cannot be updated once the domain name transfer process is on (which could take up to 5 working days). Hence, we will have to wait until the process is complete before migrating the hosting to avoid downtime and keeping stale data.

When to Update Nameservers

Still in the bid to avoid down time, you should update the nameservers or your domain name to that of the new servers which will be provided, immediately the hosting transfer or migration is complete and not before.

Also, you will have to wait for 3 - 72 hours before disabling the previous hosting service as nameservers will need about 3 – 24 hours to propagate. This means that some of your users will still be getting their contents from the old server until the new nameservers are fully propagated.

In conclusion, our support team is here to help you carry out a fully automated migration where the hosting service is currently being managed with CPanel. If you are using another hosting manager, we will confirm and give you a very close guide on the migration process.

Feel free to contact our support team for further assistance. Tel: +2348123730650 | Email:

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